What Have I Done?

I have lived in the same duplex for six years.  It might be more.  I don’t keep track of such things.  I always have to do some complicated subtraction in my head to even remember how old my dog is.  The point is that I’ve lived here for a LONG time without ever really making much effort at decorating in an adult sort of way.  I’ve also lived with a color of paint, chosen by my landlord, called putty.  Literally, that is the name of the paint.  I found it at Home Depot today and confirmed.  I hate it. I’m also kind of a mess.  In the sense that I am messy.  But I have decided to change all of that.

Decision #1: Paint.

Decision #2: Switch my bedroom and living room.

Decision #3: Get rid of some old furniture, paint some other old furniture, make a headboard and get new window treatments.

I joked yesterday that this will take me a full year, but I’m not sure that’s much of a joke.  I think it really might take me a year.

The apartment is one half of a typical Austin, Texas bungalow.  It’s shotgun style.  You walk in the front door and you can see the back wall.  Currently it goes like this: living room, hallway/bathroom, kitchen, bedroom.  Soon that order will be reversed. Yes, it means I’ll sleep in the same room as the front door.  But I’d do that if it were a studio.  There are too many boring reasons why I’m switching rooms.  You’ll just have to take my word for it that it’s necessary and will be better.

I started today by vacuuming, dusting and moving furniture into the center of the front room.  I thought that I would have started painting by now.  But with a whole lot of books to move and put somewhere, along with a whole lot of records and cds, that hasn’t happened.  Clean. Clean. Clean.  I blame it on my dog and the fact that he sheds a large cat-sized amount of hair EVERY DAY.  It’s impossible to keep up with.  Let’s just say I’m glad no one was here when I moved the bookcase away from the wall. (I just turned on the tv and Extreme Home Makeover is on.  I’m thinking knocking this old place down and starting from scratch would be ONE MILLION TIMES EASIER.  I’m also starting to doubt that shows like Trading Spaces REALLY do everything in 2 days.  I mean, I bet those people clean out their rooms first.)

So, now every room in the house is a mess, cause stuff from the front room is in the back.  I’m already thinking about short cuts.  Like not stripping and scraping the gloppy old paint off the trim, but just painting right over it.  I mean, I don’t own this place. I hate not doing things correctly, but I’m also trying to avoid insanity.

I’m ready to get that can of white on the walls.  Right after I finish this glass of wine.

(I do have before pictures.   But I’m too tired to download them from my camera and then upload onto this blog.  Later.)


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  1. Eric Miller said

    Dear Jenny,

    Super Mazel Tov on this project!

    Love, Eric

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