Blue and Orange

I’ve taken a few nights off of the painting to hang out with friends.  But in the meantime, by popular demand, here is a picture of the Sterling Allen drawing referenced earlier.  I’d never seen a drawing of his on this blue paper before, and I love it.  And the subject matter makes me giggle every time I look at it.  So thanks Sterling, and sorry for the unprofessional, poorly cropped photo.

Sterling Allen

That blue paper and this Eileen Maxson photograph (which I need to frame) are the inspirations for my color palette – blues, turqoises and oranges.  (another apology to Eileen for the quality of the photograph of her photograph)

Eileen Maxson

Luckily, I have lots of stuff that already fits into the color scheme.  Like these orange coasters, these glasses, and lots of California pottery.



I have got to start taking better photos.  Photography was my minor, after all.


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  1. Lisa said

    I have some juice glasses that would go perfectly with yours. I love the color palate from the picture and that Sterling Allen drawrering is great. Reminds me of noodle fights out at the lake…sure that’s not what he was hoping to inspire in the viewer.

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