So I haven’t been painting…but I did go see Emergency Response Studio

Here’s the thing: I’m headed to Houston this weekend for a dear friend’s wedding, where I will see some more dear friends who live far away.  So of course, this past weekend had to be devoted to acquiring fancy new shoes, as well as attire for the urban cowboy-themed rehearsal dinner.  And that meant that the living room / soon-to-be bedroom has suffered.  The trim still needs one more coat of glossy.  I also kind of need to wait for another pay check (monthly pay days are rough) until I can shop for fabric and make a headboard.  In the meantime I’ve been drooling over Marimekko.

And because I really don’t have much to update as far as the apartment goes, I thought I’d give a little plug to a really great Arthouse / Fusebox Festival / testperformancetest / Long Center co-sponsored public art project that will be in Austin for the next 10 days: Paul Villinski’s Emergency Response Studio,  originally created for Prospect.1 in New Orleans.  I won’t explain it in full detail (click the link for extensive information), but see below for pictures I took today.  Seriously, you have to see the trailer in person to really appreciate how beautiful – and simply functional – it is.  Having heard stories from a friend whose family is still living in a FEMA trailer post-Ike, I know they are cramped, dark and fairly miserable.  This is the exact opposite.  So really, if you are in Austin and reading this (that means you, my five friends who read this), head over to the Long Center sometime over the next week or so and visit it.  DO IT.





Paul Villinski (left) training volunteer docents under the geodesic dome skylight.  Paul described the project (and his practice in general) as “an exercise in what is possible.”

dsc01395a page from the Emergency Response Studio guest book



  1. chad said

    i’m into helping build a headboard and moving that trailer to my backyard. claire is into kicking the keyboard repeatedly. everyone has different likes Jenn.

    • Jenn said

      You really are the best.
      Guess what that trailer is insulated with????
      Blue jeans!!!!!
      That’s right, pre-consumer scraps of denim left over from the manufacturing of blue jeans. In-jean-ious!

  2. Lisa said


    I saw some discounted bolts of Marimekko at the Crate and Barrel outlet in San Marcos last time I was there. They might not have it anymore but I bet you could call and find out…if you’re looking for reduced priced Marimekko.

    I want to see pictures of your Urban Cowboy attire and the fancy shoes. I’ve got a cowboy hat (really just a weathered straw hat) signed by Willie Nelson if you want to borrow it for tonight only…though you really need a fancy cowboy hat if you want to play the part of Sissy.

    • Jenn said

      Lisa – just saw this comment. Was lovely to be away from a computer all weekend. And lovely to see you – however briefly. I went more for the Pam look. Thanks for the Marimekko tip – gotta get to those outlets.

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