My name is Jenn Gardner, and this is a chronicling of my attempt at revamping my apartment, which is 1/2 of a bungalow in Hyde Park in Austin, Texas.  (I guess maybe I shouldn’t reveal my real name.  Internet stalkers and all.  But I was tired and lazy when I made the URL, and I used my own name, so any attempt at being anonymous is futile.  But there are lots of Jenn Gardners in the world…I could really be any one of them.) Anyway, I have a great deal on rent, and unless something spectacular comes along, I’m not going anywhere.  This place is small, and there are things I don’t like.  Like the putty color of the walls.  So I decided to change them.  And because I tend to start things and not finish, I thought writing about the process might actually help me to finish.  Or at least stay on task.  We’ll see.  I’ll probably also just write about stuff I like from time to time.  Sometimes I also talk to myself.  So this is kind of like that.


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