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Night Three: Grande Hits of the 70s

Well, the actual paint roller, and not just the paint brush, came out today.  I’m still not done priming though.  Why can’t primer be paint?

The evening began by picking up a ladder from the previously-mentioned Chad, so that I can reach the top part of the walls and the molding.  I’ve got 1o foot ceilings in here, and I’m not ten feet tall.  That meant I got some Chad and baby Claire hang out time, which was great.  That baby’s in her smiley stage.  And Julie came home with flowers for Chad because he was accepted into this Design Within Reach exhibition on May 3rd!  Chad makes great bent wood lamps, among lots of other great things.  Yay Chad!

Anyway, I picked up the ladder, brought it home (lucky I have an old school Volvo wagon) and promptly got to work. But first I turned on the TV “radio” to tonight’s choice – Hits of the 70s.  Best songs of the night:  Clean Up Woman, Betty Wright; Taking It to the Streets, The Doobies; Just When I Needed You Most, Anne Murray and Bad Time, Grand Funk Railroad.  Had no idea that was not a Jayhawks original.  Grande TV radio taught me something new again!

Most of the priming is done, but not all.  And I didn’t actually get up on the ladder yet.  I don’t enjoy ladders.  No problem with heights in general, but no love for ladders.

Here’s Angus helping out, and also a shot where you can see the partially primed walls.  The unprimed door in the shot is now primed.

dsc01298 dsc01301


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