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Blue and Orange

I’ve taken a few nights off of the painting to hang out with friends.  But in the meantime, by popular demand, here is a picture of the Sterling Allen drawing referenced earlier.  I’d never seen a drawing of his on this blue paper before, and I love it.  And the subject matter makes me giggle every time I look at it.  So thanks Sterling, and sorry for the unprofessional, poorly cropped photo.

Sterling Allen

That blue paper and this Eileen Maxson photograph (which I need to frame) are the inspirations for my color palette – blues, turqoises and oranges.  (another apology to Eileen for the quality of the photograph of her photograph)

Eileen Maxson

Luckily, I have lots of stuff that already fits into the color scheme.  Like these orange coasters, these glasses, and lots of California pottery.



I have got to start taking better photos.  Photography was my minor, after all.


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