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Night Three: Grande Hits of the 70s

Well, the actual paint roller, and not just the paint brush, came out today.  I’m still not done priming though.  Why can’t primer be paint?

The evening began by picking up a ladder from the previously-mentioned Chad, so that I can reach the top part of the walls and the molding.  I’ve got 1o foot ceilings in here, and I’m not ten feet tall.  That meant I got some Chad and baby Claire hang out time, which was great.  That baby’s in her smiley stage.  And Julie came home with flowers for Chad because he was accepted into this Design Within Reach exhibition on May 3rd!  Chad makes great bent wood lamps, among lots of other great things.  Yay Chad!

Anyway, I picked up the ladder, brought it home (lucky I have an old school Volvo wagon) and promptly got to work. But first I turned on the TV “radio” to tonight’s choice – Hits of the 70s.  Best songs of the night:  Clean Up Woman, Betty Wright; Taking It to the Streets, The Doobies; Just When I Needed You Most, Anne Murray and Bad Time, Grand Funk Railroad.  Had no idea that was not a Jayhawks original.  Grande TV radio taught me something new again!

Most of the priming is done, but not all.  And I didn’t actually get up on the ladder yet.  I don’t enjoy ladders.  No problem with heights in general, but no love for ladders.

Here’s Angus helping out, and also a shot where you can see the partially primed walls.  The unprimed door in the shot is now primed.

dsc01298 dsc01301


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Finally, A Paint Brush Was Used

Well, today I got home from work and promptly started priming.  Got most of the trim done, including windows, some of the front door (which is a mess) and some of the walls.  I only worked for two hours.  Once I finished up the first pour of paint in the paint tray, I decided to call it quits.  Time to sit down and fully enjoy a glass of wine.  I’m drinking white today and it kept getting warm ’cause I was working so intently I’d forget to take a sip.  That’s how hardcore I am.

I definitely decided to forgo stripping the trim.  I might try that step once I get to the kitchen cabinets (which will be orange) and the bathroom trim, which is a real disaster.  But for now, I’m priming right over all that crap.  I must say, it’s pretty exciting to see white on the walls.  Looking cleaner already.

As a side note, it’s difficult to paint with a 60-plus lb. dog in the house.  I don’t have a fenced yard, so when I’m inside, Angus is inside.  And when I’m home he wants to be with me.  And as I mentioned previously, he sheds like no other dog I’ve ever met.  He ever so sweetly tried to make himself as small as possible and promptly curled up against a newly painted baseboard.  Aye aye aye.

Anyway, here are before pictures. (No in progress pictures yet, it’s not that exciting).


This is the front room, currently the living room.  I should have fixed that couch cushion before taking this picture.  The old radio you see is soon to go bye-bye.  I love it, but it takes up a lot of room and won’t really fit into the new scheme.  Plus, it technically belongs to an old boyfriend, who keeps saying he’ll come and get it but doesn’t.  I think you get an idea of the putty color.  If you look closely you can see Angus lying on the front porch.

dsc01281To the right, is the wall directly opposite the front door.  The east wall, if you will.  That bookcase also belongs to the fore-mentioned boyfriend and will be going away.  It’s already been moved to the garage.  On the wall is an AMAZING Sterling Allen drawing which I snagged at a silent auction at Okay Mountain.  It was very competitive bidding, and by far the most I’ve ever spent on art.  But I love it.  And I love buying friends’ artwork.  Also pictured is a great bent wood chair, that has some slight veneer damage, but it’s in the parts you can’t see.  Got it for $8.00 at Thrift Town. Or maybe Thrift World? Or Thrift Land?  One of those shops on Stassney.  That door leads to a closet that I haven’t opened in a very long time.  I’m a bit afraid to.


This is the wall, opposite the couch, which would make it the north wall.  A very disorganized bookcase, which will eventually be primed and painted, I think.  Gotta find a better place for my Frankenstein of a stereo, and all those records.  I won’t get rid of them though.  I love those records.  That tv is never used, because the good cable is in the back room.  The tv will be going to Goodwill soon too.  A garage sale is more than I can cope with. Some of those books and those old VHS tapes are going too.  You’ll also notice the hardwoods are in VERY rough shape.  This would be because they were stained by my landlady, but not sealed or varnished properly.  And as I mentioned before, I have a 60 plus pound dog.

Here’s a picture of him, just for fun.


That’s all I’ve got for tonight.  Seems like more than enough.  My friend Chad is real good at short snappy posts.  Check him out at baldmanmodpad.  Me, I’m wordy.  And a bit of a blowhard.

One last tidbit.  In his twenties, Eddie Grant had to retire to his home studio after a heart attack.  I learned this from the cable music channel I was listening to while painting – it was called party hits. Seemed like it would be fun to paint to.  Not so much.  My idea of a party is different than Grande’s.  After one too many Paula Abdul and Gloria Estefan ditties, I went to the back to change the channel.  But as I did so, Electric Avenue came on, and I learned something new.

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