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Actual Paint on the Walls

It’s Monday morning – drinking coffee, eating yogurt and granola and catching up on some Fresh Air episodes.  (I have today off – “Spring Holiday”)  Currently listening to Mike and Mel White interview.

Saturday was spent applying actual paint to the walls.  Behr’s Ultra White Flat Enamel.  I thought about going with “Polar Bear” or “Popcorn,” but the line was long at the paint counter so I took a tip from a friend and just went off the shelf.  First I had to tape off all the trim.  There are three windows, 1 doorway, 2 actual doors, baseboards and ceiling trim in this little room. That’s a lot of blue tape.  I got one full coat up on Saturday, unfortunately, it needed two.  (I probably should have done two coats of primer, but I was sick of primer.  And the paint smells better than Killz).

The room after one coat:

dsc01338Saturday’s music = Grande Solid Gold Oldies.  I heard this little gem, which I’d never heard before – Sandy Posey’s Single Girl. Nothing like the lyric “I gotta make my own way, there’s rent I gotta pay / I need a night-time love to get me through the day,” to make this single girl feel GREAT about staying up late on a Saturday painting her apartment, by herself.

On Easter Sunday the second coat was put up, with barely any paint to spare.  So lesson learned, definitely two coats of primer in the next room.  Primer is cheaper than paint.  I’m a bit of a perfectionist – not that I do things perfectly, but I notice when things aren’t perfect.  There are still a few spots that could use a touch-up.  I’m trying to remember that once curtains are up and furniture is arranged, the imperfections will not stand out.  And speaking of imperfect, the walls themselves are a mess.  They are not made of drywall, but fake-wood paneling that has been painted god knows how many times.  They are also seriously warped.  Makes it very difficult to paint evenly with a roller.  Also makes my imagination go wild thinking about crazy, and scary, substances that could be growing under there.  I mean, one of the walls bows out so much it is as if it is pregnant.  Mold, enormous Texas roaches and extraterrestrial fetuses are all options.

No work was done Sunday night thanks to a DELICIOUS and decadent Easter dinner courtesy of Anne.  I couldn’t stop staring at her painted ceilings.  I’m trying to ignore the fact that my asbestos-tiled ceiling no longer looks white next to the white walls.

Today the trim and doors get a second coat of Killz and a first coat of Hi-Gloss Ultra White.  Haven’t decided on music yet.  Yesterday was my iTunes on shuffle.  Grande should pay me to make them a music station.  I can’t be the only one that likes a combo of Dr. Hook, R. Kelly, Panda Bear, Charlie Pride, Sleater-Kinney, Curtis Mayfield and Styx, can I?


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